What is Kuagu?

Kuagu is an intelligent online portal created to take the guess work out of purchasing industrial products. Kuagu packages product data from vendors in a methodical way, then makes it easy for buyers to find what they are looking for, using AI-powered search technology. Kuagu is NOT an e-commerce website.

What can Kuagu do for me?

Kuagu searches for industrial products, components and parts using visual input documents such as image, drawing, and 3d model, as well as keywords. Search users have an option of downloading matched product data and their suppliers or submitting their purchase orders to matched vendors through Kuagu.

How do I pay for the orders I submit on Kuagu?

When you submit a purchase order on Kuagu, the order is forwarded to the vendor. You will receive a confirmation from the vendor and an instruction how to complete the purchase.

Why I am not finding the products I am looking for when I submit my own input document?

We are still adding products to our database. If you cannot find what you are looking for, it is most likely that we do not have that product in our database yet. Please let us know what products you are not finding, and we may be able to prioritize the product category based on customer requests.

I am a procurement engineer. Can we integrate Kuagu into our company’s procurement system?

Yes, we provide API in different programming languages for integration.

As a buyer, do I have to pay for Kuagu?

All users can sign up for a free account. As usage increases, we also offer different level of paid plans. See the plans for buyers

Monthly membership fee$0$10$100Billed annually
Monthly order download103001000Unlimited orders can be submitted on Kuagu
Per download rate after plan limit$3.00$3.00$2.00
API rateN/AN/A$1.00Prepay $100 package, 10 text-box searches (without file upload) count as 1 search

I am a vendor. What do I do after receiving an order from Kuagu?

The orders a vendor receives from Kuagu were forwarded from a user. Kuagu does not offer any form of guarantee on the orders, and there is no transaction placed on Kuagu. It is the vendor’s responsibility to contact the buyer to complete the transaction.

I am a vendor. Can we use Kuagu for our internal applications?

Yes, our team is very experienced in supporting various internal applications such as engineering quoting, MRO quoting, equipment repair and maintenance, as well as design reuse. Please contact us for more information about these use cases.

We are a vendor and have 3D models but are unable to upload 3D models to your server. How can we list our products on Kuagu?

We will provide you with a client-side indexing application for extracting only the necessary data needed for visual search.

For vendor internal applications, do we have to upload our product data to Kuagu?

We offer a Kuagu cloud option and an on-premises option, please contact us for details.

What is Kuagu’s pricing structure for a vendor to list products on Kuagu?

We offer a free account for vendors with limited benefits and can be upgraded to a paid plan that fits your need. See the table below:

Monthly membership fee$0$500$2,000Billed annually
Product Count100,000100,000500,00010 SKUs without visual data count as 1 SKU
API Monthly search count05002,00010 text-box searches (without file upload) count as 1 search
API rate after plan limitN/A$1.00$0.50Prepay $100 package, 10 text-box searches (without file upload) count as 1 search
Monthly Kuagu Orders303001000
Per download rate after plan limit$3.00$3.00$2.00
Annual On-Premises feeN/AN/A$35,000For on-premises deployment only, must provide RDP access